Our team offers Android game development services to build apps for production, publishing and media companies by using cross platform solutions to decrease Android game development costs and time.

Android game development

Fgfactory performs Android game development using Unity for popular mechanics like casual games, first person and side view runners, defense games, city building games etc and for special objectives like teaching children and students, product advertising, slot machines etc. Based on your requests, functionality and budget a project can be designed with 3d or 2d art.

Usually game physics is a main part for Android 3d game development, together with low poly graphics for game levels, characters, vehicles and functionality of their behavior. As soon as such games give wider playing capabilities and experience to end user, 3d game development is usually longer and more expensive process then building a 2d game.

Android 2d game development is basically used for applications that use fixed camera position and point of view. In this case, programmers have to implement 2d sprites and spreadsheets into the game. Our building and design teams have great experience in implementing 2d sprites designed and animated in Spine or Unity to ensure 100% engine compatibility.

Android game programming on Unity 3d

Doing Android game development on Unity, project management and quality assurance all in-house, mobile game development company Fgfactory provides permanent delivery of technical solutions without deputing it to the third parties.

We can also offer you a team that can be a part of Android game app development department. It can be different capacity, starting from an individual specialist to a fully manned team of up to 10 professionals to prototype, build and provide technical support. Your managers will receive the access to all project resources and stages, monitoring developers, managers and Android game development cost.

Android game development on Unity


From Google Play market and Amazon store to Windows store, we provide Android game development services using Unity to clients worldwide. The Android game development life cycle stands on 3 key steps.


To minimize development costs first of all we perform Android game programming for 2d or 3d game to discover the idea and features of the mechanics. It allows us to avoid problems and pay attention to features. At later stages our development team with review the updated feature list to improve the core mechanics, navigation and user experience.


The life cycle of Android game development is based on years of experience and best working examples that exist in the industry. It has been proven successfully by many years of Android game programming on Unity 3d and satisfied customers from all over the world.


The product is brought to stores, events or directly to users’ Android devices. Our game development studio also provides technical support after release to each project. We will help you to adapt your games for new devices, os version and other market changes.