Using 3d and Unity technologies we create photo realistic environments and assets for virtual reality devices (HTC Vive, Samsung VR) and 360° image viewing.

Virtual Reality game objects development

All stages of the development process are done in-house and include 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, visualization and engine implementation. Environment interaction logic is created by our team of Unity developers.

VR efficient development solution


With an in-house game development pipeline that includes art, animation, software engineering, networking and QA, Fgfactory offers an efficient development solution without the need for third-party outsourcing. How it works:

VR Concept

Have a coffee with our product team to shape your idea. Take a piece of paper and a pencil to draw a few scribbles that will soon become your product.


Development process at Fgfactory is based on main Agile principles, tools and best practices of the industry. Proven by many years of experience. As well as our design process.


The project is delivered to game markets, events or directly to customers. Cloud hosting, maintenance, monitoring and technical support are covered by our team.