Virtual Reality

At Fgfactory we create VR content, apps and games using virtual reality mechanics and tools suitable for various types of entertainment, education and social activity. We provide virtual reality game development services and 360 degree image / video design to our customers all over the world.

Virtual Reality game objects development

VR enabled games allow players to fall deep into the gaming environment and receive all new experience from the gameplay. Various VR devices provide the different level of player interaction with the game environment, but all of them shift the gameplay to a completely new level. As game development company we make VR game development for various devices, including but not limited to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung and PS VR devices.

Fgfactory performs VR game development with Unity 3d game engine.

Our team consists of well-qualified Unity game developers who work in-house and cover all aspects of virtual reality development. The VR department at Fgfactory has experience with various mechanics development for VR, including shooting games, runners, flight, racing simulators, demo games for introduction of virtual reality opportunities, allowing to experience the sense of physical presence in the virtual environment. Virtual reality development cost is determined by the depth of immersion and the list of features.

Besides VR game development Fgfactory provides 360 degree realistic image and video rendering services for specific applications and targets, to allow users to experience the environment that was manually built with help of 3D modeling tools. The sense of participation in the environment enhances the emotional reaction to a piece – giving it more impact and more influence than 2D content can offer.

VR efficient development solution


mobile game development company Fgfactory offers full cycle of virtual reality development, 360 degree content design and animation using capacities of in-house departments that are in charge of virtual reality environment development and design.

Style and Idea

The design team creates concept art and ideas for future VR environments. At this stage we search for the visual style and create the detailed guide for 3d artists: this includes dimensions, map and look and feel of the actual virtual area. Based on these requirements we create the basis for the future VR game development stage.


We use all latest and most powerful tools to create VR stories for our clients worldwide. The team of 3d artists creates and composes various assets into virtual worlds that can be cartoonish, realistic, arcade or any other style based on gameplay mechanics, genre, and area of VR story usage and other requirements.

New experience of interaction

Virtual reality game programming. On the grounds of the key devices and client queries we build the interactive story full of feeling that totally differs from the one that is received via mobile devices or the real world. Get in touch with us now to receive more information about our VR development approach, discuss your idea and starting building all new VR world.