We provide AR game development services for developers, publishers and enterprises by using ARKit 2, Unity and Vuforia.

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Deep in AR

Fgfactory offers a remote team of design, technical and management specialists for creating augment-reality-enabled desktop and mobile solutions. On the grounds of the purpose and technical requirements, AR solution can be developed to extend an existing game or it can be designed, built and released as a standalone product.

Actually, augmented reality game development process follows the same approach and technologies as a usual game building. When it comes to AR implementation, augmented reality module is implemented using different add-ons on the grounds of the engine used for the actual game development.

Technology stack


The different cores or statements of purpose cause us as designers to think about the overall design of the car differently in every single case. It’s exactly that way with game designers. On the grounds of purpose and requirements, AR solution can be developed to extend an existing game or it can be released as a standalone product.

Cross-platform SDK

Both methods support augmented reality game development technology and offer both similar functionality for programmers and similar opportunities for end users. Based on the project plan, list of features and functional requirements we will offer the best solution for each client.

iOS Native SDK

Build unparalleled augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of users on iOS, the biggest AR platform in the world. With ARKit 3, Reality Composer — a powerful new app that lets you easily create AR experiences, and RealityKit — a new high-level augmented reality framework, there’s never been a better time to delve into AR.

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