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Elevate your project to new heights.
Our Co-Development model is your gateway to synergistic success. In a world where collaboration is key, our approaches emerges as catalysts for achieving exceptional results. Leverage the combined strengths of our professionals and your team, creating an environment of creativity, efficiency and excellence.

Whether you require developers, artists, or animators, our approach ensures a range of expertise to strengthen your team.

We use collaboration tools for seamless management, ensuring effective communication between your team and our experts.

We align our process with your team's workflow to ensure harmonious integration, streamlined development, and enhanced productivity.

Collaboration scenarios

Explore the various ways Fgfactory's Co-Development can supercharge your project by seamlessly integrating our expertise with your team's brilliance. We are flexible for any type of collaboration with your existing team and can offer several scenarios of the cooperation.


Looking for a creative team

You've Got the Code,
We've Got the Canvas

Have a top-notch development squad but missing the magic touch of artistry? Enrich your project's visual tapestry with our artistic virtuosos. From artists to animators, we inject vibrant life into your digital vision.


Looking for an engineering team

Your Creativity,
Our Code

When your imaginative dreams outpace your technical acumen, we step in. Our seasoned developers, both frontend and backend, metamorphose your creative fantasies into seamless, functional realities.


Strengthen your existing team

Your Team,

When the clock is ticking and your current crew needs backup, our co-development wizards swoop in. Seamlessly meshing with your team, we ensure project progress remains steady even during demanding times.


Looking for technical or creative supervision

Uncharted Territories

Sometimes you need a captain to steer the ship. Our accomplished Technical leads and art directors bring their wisdom to your helm, guiding your team through uncharted territories with precision.

Why Co-Development?

Discover the compelling reasons that make Fgfactory the partner of choice for your co-development journey:


By uniting our expertise with your team's brilliance, we create a dynamic fusion that's greater than the sum of its parts.


Bridge geographical barriers with our remote collaboration tools, keeping your project in sync no matter where your team is based.


Our experts are carefully matched to your project's unique requirements, ensuring perfect alignment and seamless integration


Pay as you progress. We align our invoices with milestone completions, and you green-light before payment. No surprises, only assurance in every step.


Guides and workshops on how to build your game production using co-development resources at Fgfactory.

Merge to accelarate

We seamlessly merge developers, artists, animators with your team, creating a powerhouse of innovation and execution.

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