Looking for the concept art? Our team works with various graphics styles and game settings.

Concept Art

We create concept art for games, promotional assets, motion graphics, mobile, desktop and non-digital projects. And produce concept art for mobile games: iOS and Android, concept art for video games including PC, Mac, Apple TV and various consoles, as well as illustration and concept art for board games.

Working with the still images

Our team of 2d artists covers major areas of concept art design creating ideas for game characters, environments, illustrations, pros, storyboards and more for further 2d and 3d art production.


We create game character concept art consequently allowing it to be 2d rendered or 3d modeled. Depending on project requirements, our artist team shall design characters of various styles including realistic, cartoon, casual etc. If a character will be animated then we also do game character concept art for face emotions, poses and movements like idle, walk, run, jump, attack etc.

Environment concept art is useful for 3d or 2d games that are built in big worlds, locations, areas where players explore the game, locate new objects, connect with other players and always engage with the game. Concept art and game design are performed in parallel at this stage.

Creating concept art for props is also a big part of the game surroundings and atmosphere building. The more objects are created, the more interesting they are located in the environment, better the final game world will be for players. Also never forget about random appearance of props and objects that should be coded to make the world even more realistic and interesting.

We perform style search and concept art for static in-game images that are used for game loading, menu screens, in-game shop promotions and sales. Also static illustrations are designed for game advertising and promotion in markets.

The best way to create an awesome animation, promotional video, cartoon or animated movie is to start from designing a storyboard that includes all scenes and key frames. Concept art for games video and animation allows to understand the full picture with minimal costs, ensuring all touch ups and corrections are made during the initial stage.

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