Our team led the development of the entire project including graphics, animation, UI, VFX and Unity development.

I'm Jesus Christ Game Design & Development

We were responsible for all development components from prototyping and brainstorming through the basic concept of the game, gameplay and story. Then our team was involved in the development of concept art of the game world, individual locations where events take place in the gameplay, primary and secondary game characters, NPCs and other additional graphics.

In parallel with the development of graphics, our technical department led the development of the game world on Unity. The goal was to build a huge open world that had to work without loading as a single game location. Our team successfully coped with this task by building a large gaming location of 40 square kilometers around the Sea of ​​Galilee. This location made it possible to make a large number of game hours not only for completing the main and additional missions, but also for exploring the world of the times of Jesus. The game world was recreated with accuracy and included the cities and locations that existed at that time.

I’m Jesus Christ Game Screens

The next step was to create a large number of game assets to fill the world with nature and cities: surfaces, vegetation, houses and many other props. In the process of filling the world with assets, work was carried out to optimize them to improve performance. In addition, we drew the entire game interface and additional illustrations for menus, missions, maps, etc.

Also, our team was engaged in the creation of the game VFX and the programming of levels, the logic of the behavior of mobs, NPCs and other plot elements.

Unfortunately, at a certain stage, it was decided to transfer the game completely to Unreal Engine. Therefore, the results of our development regarding what was done in Unity will not be present in the final version of the game.

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