Our team creates promotional and tutorial videos, cartoons and advertising video content for various purposes but the most often for games.

Storytelling in video

We provide video creation services for educational, advertising and promotional purposes. Most often, this is related content for a mobile application, game or other digital product. We are engaged in the video content production, which is based on 2D or 3D assets and animations. Educational cartoons for children or interactive games that consist of a video series.

Process overview

Storyboard design

Based on the provided scenario, we are creating a frame-by-frame layout for the video, which includes the main scenes, the emotions of the characters, favorable angles and covers the entire duration of the script. All frames are coordinated in terms of scenario matching, pre-stylization and the overall atmosphere of the video.

Graphic design of all frames for animation in an approved visual style. All scenes are created for subsequent animation. Depending on the chosen style, we create 2D or 3D graphics and prepare assets for transfer to the team of animators. In addition to solid scenes, we create the design of characters, objects and other assets that will be used in the video.

Animation is created using 2D (Spine, After Effects) or 3D (Maya) tools. Scenes and locations are animated in full according to the plot, and individual assets are animated based on the requirements by which they will be used in the video. Thus, for the next stage of compositing, we prepare the entire set of animations for the video and transfer them to the next stage. In addition to asset animations, we create the necessary effects.

At this stage, all animations and effects are brought together according to the script, timing, and other video requirements. Typically, this part of the work is done by the same team of animators. The result of this work is a pre-final video with final timing and sequence of movie scenes.

Any video requires additional work with polishing, post effects, adding soundtracks, sounds and other details. This is the last step in creating the video, after which it is ready to use.

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