We develop 3d assets for games, commercials and other purposes. And offer the most efficient solutions based on your the technical requirements, time and budget.

Game models and renders

Our process is optimized to, includes the contribution of 2d and 3d artists; our team covers all types of technologies, approaches and software tools to create 3d game assets of different complexity, style and usage. We offer dedicated 3d specialists or fully staffed remote teams up to 10 people comprising of an art lead, 3d artists, animators and technical support representatives.

How to design a 3d character from scratch to a final game model
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How to design a 3d character from scratch to a final game model

Process overview

The overall process of creating 3d models for games and other purposes is based on a number of steps. Our team covers all of them or can handle only a couple of them depending on requirements.

Concept art

3d artists deliver 3d modeling for games based on concept art designed in-house or provided by an external party. At this stage it is the most important to come up with an the idea of the future outcome. With a brilliant idea that is designed on the concept art stage, it becomes much clearer to reach the required result at the 3d modeling stage.

Based on the technical requirements, our artists create 3d assets for games of any poly count. Usually both high and low poly models are to be delivered to make best optimization using low poly model and high quality texturing with high poly model.

Based on the style requirements, references and other examples we create any type of texture including but not limited to realistic, hand painted or using some specific shaders.

This is where the model is prepared for animation: both body and facial. We focus on technical limits, requirements and other details to develop the optimal basis for the further animation. For example, creating 3d game character design we plan how much alive could be the asset during the animation.

Optimization stage is must when delivering 3d models for mobile games with high poly count in the scene that is rendered in real time through the camera. We solve these issues by doing LODs for assets. If your game requires a hundred of moving mobs that appear in the camera in the same time, contact us for advice.

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