Fully managed dedicated team of developers employed for your projects

If you dream of having professionals working for you, then you have come to
the right place. Draft a dedicated development team for the best mobile games. Avoid expenses and the long process of employing individual mobile game developers. You get a professional team that is fully devoted to reaching the results in the shortest term.

Cooperate with an exceptionally dedicated software development team. You have an opportunity to build a team based on your software requirements.

We are ready to start working on your project within a few weeks. Our practice shows that full dedication to the customers goals leads to great results.

Hire a team of qualified and talented people who use all the latest technologies that allow to bring you the software you want.

How does it work

You can easily hire the software development team without leaving your home or office but how to do that? Our customers can cooperate with individuals working on software product development. Follow these three simple steps to run the development and execution of mobile games:

Artist Artist
Animator Animator
Developer Developer
Step 1

Based on your expectation, requirements, your budget and timeline, software development needs the team is arranged.

Project Manager Project Manager

Optionally include a Senior Project Manager in the team for a fully managed experience.

Step 2

Sign papers and start working on the project from scratch or ongoing tasks. Manage the team directly or through the hired Project Manager.

Project backlog
Sprint planning Sprint planning ok
Tasks development Tasks development ok
Sprint release Sprint release ok

The working process is usually sprint based. Sprints are planned on the project start and can be 2 or 4 weeks.

Step 3

As per your needs, add more dedicated specialists. Scale the team up and down within two weeks.

Dedicated hiring means cooperating with experts in the area. It helps to speed up the launching process plus it reduces cost on finding suitable staff and getting them delivered the software you are aiming for.


Guides and workshops on how to build your game production using co-development resources at Fgfactory.

Advantages of hiring a dedicated team

Check the list of advantages that you get when hiring our professionals.


Team setup

Don't leave your dream of creating your own software for the future. By setting up and managing a dedicated project team online, you can see your desired product coming into life.

Select the required number of people from development and design departments and project approximate duration depending on your needs.


    The information you provide won't be accessible to anyone besides your dedicated manager. It is protected through our standard Non Disclosure Agreement .

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