Game development and graphics design services we offer for enterprises and start ups worldwide.

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We provide multiplayer gaming services by using Photon, Firebase, GameSparks and custom back end development.

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We develope “tap to play” games with simple mechanics and instant gameplay for mobile, web and desktop platforms.

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We build arcade games for mobile and web focusing on addictive gameplay, attractive graphics and vibrant animations.

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Easy to play and interesting to learn are key factors for good a education app or a kids game. Contact us for more information.

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We are experienced in various gambling mechanics including slots, card games, bingo etc. Both artwork and development.

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Fgfactory builds games and gamified marketing solutions focused on brands and merchants marketing goals.

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We create 2d animation and VFX for gaming projects, commercials and non-gaming projects using the most advanced tools for animation.

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When we design UX / UI for games, it includes visual prototyping, user interface design and animation.

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Our team creates promotional and tutorial videos, cartoons and advertising video content for various purposes but the most often for games.

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Common cases when our services help your business goals.

Setup and manage the remote team that is fully cover your needs within game development. We guarantee best talets that match your business line.

High quality game services

Across Android and iOS it is estimated that 44% of the world’s people play a game on mobile or desktop each day. The addiction of the population ensures a competitive market and you need the right provider for mobile game art outsourcing to make your mark. Mobile game development company FGFactory is able to ensure your games are addictive and stand out through extremely high quality graphics within the design of the game mechanics. Game art services for:


A puzzle game should be addictive, colourful and have full motion effects. We are able to incorporate these aspects with colourful art and other vital gameplay features. Players must not get bored so we build in player engagement and the social aspect, all the time ensuring the client’s business model is being met.

Arcade games come in a variety of different themes but they all share common features, they must be easy to play with a good story and have fantastic graphics to captivate the audience. Here at Fgfactory Studio we design Arcade games to be cool, full of motion and fresh.

Utilising Unity in Tower Defence mobile game creation we install the much needed social aspect of player creation and mobs. We also beguile the need to have customisation of different environments and locations.

Balancing the right mixture of education and gaming can be a challenge. We have experience and expertise in finding that balance which ensures your project will stand out.

There is much monetization within the mobile game market and we design games with that in mind. We are experienced in mobile games design and development for products and brand promotion. We can help your business advertise through mobile games and understand how it works. Utilising game mechanics we finely balance social interaction with premium game content.

Our graphics team also does mobile game design and development for slot machines, bingo, poker and other gambling products for mobile. For desktop projects we also provide computer game design services. It is a huge market and we know how to stand out there.

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