When we design UX / UI for games, it includes visual prototyping, user interface design and animation.

Fgfactory has been offering UI & UX designing services for mobile games since 2010. Since the beginning we are focusing on user interfaces for projects with gaming mechanics only. As lovers of console and desktop games in the past, we have discovered that working on colorful UI for mobile games is much more interesting for us than interacting with mobile applications.

Process overview

We offer the full cycle of UX / UI design and animation services. Usually the style issue is the main point that should be discussed and defined at the process start. Further steps will be based on that decision.

Task analysis

After gathering the initial data we carefully review everything and study all product specifications and documents. At this stage, a clear vision of a product is required to make better UX design for mobile game.

Our UX team creates mobile game UX design to present a high-level summary of player interaction within your game. Upon approval, detailed layouts for all screens are designed, focusing on major parameters such as: monetization, social sharing and quick understanding of the mechanics and screens navigation.

User interface game design starts from creating sketches for a game style. It's based on references gathered during a research stage, visual style requirements, technical limits and specific requests of mobile games UI that are subject to the game platform, audience and other factors. When the style is approved other screens can be performed.

Upon request Fgfactory is also capable of delivering high quality UI animation to improve the UI visually and increase UX factors. E.g. Animated menu in the mobile game makes better players understanding of what to do when it’s opened for the first time.

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