Chess game for kids with great gamification side to make chess learning process interesting and addictive for kids.

ChessKid Adventure game for

Fgfactory handled the full process of creating the game from scratch to release on markets for iOS and Android. Our team was responsible for the visual side of the game creating environments, characters, chess boards etc. as well as the technical side of the front end application and client-server synchronization.


The game functionality includes next parts:

- Customizable your character's physical features and outfits;
- Play vs 40+ different fantasy bosses of all skill levels;
- Play vs Kids in a 100% safe environment;
- Solve more than 100,000+ puzzles;
- Try Puzzle Duel where you race to solve and win;
- Learn from 6 educational Quests with hundreds of challenges;
- Enjoy different chessboard and piece themes.

Game environments, characters, chess boards design
Technology stack
  • Unity, C#
  • MVC, Singleton patterns
  • Zenject
  • UniRx
  • Spine animations
  • AI
  • Crashlitics
  • Adaptive UI
  • ScriptableObject
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