Full-cycle development chess 3D game from the prototype to the final product release on iOS and Android markets.

Champion Chess - 3D game development

Full cycle of 3D game development from prototype to release in the markets for iOS and Android. Our team has developed a game engine, visualization of game rooms, boards and figures. We also worked on the creation of all 2D graphic assets for the game, including the UX / UI, icons and VFX.

Key features

The game key features include:
- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Master levels;
- More than 60 different virtual AI personalities;
- Practice games to prepare for the main event;
- Participate in bigger and bigger tournaments and qualify for the championship.

Full-cycle development chess 3D game: Champion Chess
Technology stack
  • Unity, C#
  • MVC
  • Zenject
  • DotTween
  • Odin Inspector
  • UniRx
  • TMP - TextMesh pro
  • Scriptable objects
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