Fgfactory builds games and gamified marketing solutions focused on brands and merchants marketing goals.

Solutions that boost sales

Fgfactory develops marketing games and gamified platforms that offer a unique and engaging way for merchants to connect with their customers. By combining gamification, sales, and marketing functionality, we create immersive gameplay and engaging features to increase customer motivation and build loyalty around the brand.

These games and platforms are developed to go beyond traditional marketing methods and offer a fun and interactive experience to connect customers with brands. By integrating various well-known and challenging game mechanics and other features like rewards, challenges, leaderboards etc. we create a sense of excitement, motivating customers to participate, compete and win.

Building a web-based branded game for business
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Building a web-based branded game for business

Key Goals of Gamification

Increase Customer Engagement

Gamification is one more way of marketing that allows merchants to interact with their customers differently. By using such mechanics like challenges, rewards, leaderboards etc. brands can capture the attention of their target audience and keep them actively involved providing enjoyable experiences.

Change Customer Behavior and Mood

Gamification tools affect customer behavior and lead to specific actions. Brands integrate various gamified motivators, such as competition, achievement, and rewards, in order for users to complete the necessary actions, whether it’s a subscription to a newsletter, social sharing, and making a purchase.

Data collection and personalization

Gamified marketing provides opportunities for data collection. Tools are configured in such a way that users share their personal information in exchange for an advantage over other players, additional attempts or the opportunity to get a better reward. This allows to offer users more personalized experiences for even more engagement.

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