We provide multiplayer gaming services by using Photon, Firebase, GameSparks and custom back end development.

Turn-key vs custom

Fgfactory is specialized in making multiplayer games on Unity, PixiJS, ThreeJS or other cross-platform technologies. Together with the front end development we build the back side for solutions that require data storing and exchange. Depending on the business requirements and goals of clients we provide multiplayer games development services using SaaS solutions or build a custom backend with an expanded functionality for storing, exchanging and protecting of data.

How to Build a Multiplayer Game for Mobile
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How to Build a Multiplayer Game for Mobile

Technology stack

Multiplayer engine

Photon engine is a convenient solution for developing multiplayer games. We have extensive experience in customizing, customizing and using Photon for various multiplayer mechanics. This solution allows the creation of multi-user games for a large number of online users, setting up a quick and stable connection and allows user interaction without lags and delays.

Cloud based platform

Any multiplayer solution requires setting up and using a database to store information about users, their actions, statistics, data on interactions with game functions and other users, and other game parameters. Firebase is used in conjunction with Unity and other cross-platform technologies so that users have access to their data from any device.

Custom back end development

A custom solution depends a lot on requirements and ultimate goals and varies greatly in terms of technology stack. Among the technologies that Fgfactory uses to develop a custom backend are Java, Ruby, Python, C# and ASP.NET, PHP and Laravel, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS etc. Further requirements are discussed personally.

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