Industries focus

Our main goal is to provide high-quality services focused on the needs of SME operating in the gaming sector and related industries.

Experience in transforming industries

In over 13 years of professional activity, we have successfully helped enterprises from various industries in the implementation of their gaming projects, as well as in the gamification and transformation of projects covering various business areas.

I GOT Games
G5 Games


Fgfactory specializes in assisting game developers and publishers whether new to game development or those who released multiple game projects, and offers comprehensive support to bring their ideas to life. Here you can find useful materials and guidelines about game project development, graphics design, game design, and other common or specific topics with the game development process.



Gamification in Edtech and the creation of educational games and platforms for children, students, teachers, corporate personnel, specialized professions and other educational simulations is one of Fgfactory's areas of activity. We describe some topics and cases and provide for review. Please contact us for further questions.


Games for Brands

Among the many marketing and customer acquisition tools, gamification is one of the interactive and unusual tools that allows you to influence the main KPIs of marketing strategies. Fgfactory has extensive experience and various cases of working with gamification mechanics to attract customers, increase brand loyalty, and various sales criteria. We provide some cases and tips below.


Blockchain and Web3

As a gaming company, Fgfactory has been involved in a large number of gaming projects with the integration of various blockchains since 2021, when the big boom of GameFi and web3 gaming projects began. Our main focus lies in the area of the game part and is connected with graphics design, gameplay and game logic development. We also have extensive experience in creating and generating graphics for NFT collections. Some case studies and development tips are collected below.



Fgfactory specializes in creating game content for gambling providers including graphic design and animation, technical development, uploading to stores or websites, and liveops. Most of the past cases are related to the creation of graphics and programming code for slot machines, bingo, and card games that were released for mobile and web platforms. Below you will find useful information about this area.

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