Fgfactory provided concept art, graphics, UI design and art direction services for the mobile game development.

Space Pirates Game Design Services
Space Pirates Game Design Services

Our team was responsible for the visual component of this project. In the process of creating the game, we designed 1000+ characters, several game worlds, various assets, maps and locations, user interface and icons.

The world of Space Pirates immerses players in a universe with distant planets and their worlds, full of their own unique biome including habitat, landscape, nature and living organisms. Each world is a unique location, which our team drew after conducting a deep study of various existing bio systems and taking into account all the requirements of the client.

Design of 1000+ characters

For the game, we designed from scratch and drew seven races of game characters: Fire, Nature, Water, Metal, Light, Wind and Darkness. Each race has a character rarity gradation from Common to Legendary. In total, a team of artists invented and drew more than 1000 characters. Below is a small selection of character sketches.

Space Pirates Game Characters Concept Art
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