Mobile casual game full-cycle production for the Joyride gaming platform. Works included graphics, UI, animation, Unity development and backend integration.

Sheep Fight game part production

Mobile casual game full-cycle production for the Joyride gaming platform. Our team handled all stages of the game part production starting from the concept art, design, animation and mechanics prototyping to development, QA and integration with the gaming platform backend. The Joyride platform team provided us the backend documentation which was used by our technical team to sync the game with the entire ecosystem.

The original mechanics idea were taken from the popular game and further works were done by Fgfactory team from scratch. The game is playable on mobile and tablet devices.

The breakdown of works performed by Fgfactory inhouse team includes:
- Concept art;
- Graphics design and Illustration;
- UI and icons design;
- 2d Spine and Unity animation of assets and UI;
- SFX design;
- Unity development;
- QA;
- Backend integration;
- Game deployment;
- Art Direction;
- Project Management.


Design part of the game included lots of assets: characters, the game background, gameplay powerups, obstacles and other static gameplay objects. The user interface part of the design work included the creation of UX and UI for the game flow including screens, popups and icons.

Almost all assets were animated to make the look and feel of the game more alive. Most part of assets animation and VFX was created with Spine e.g. characters, powerups, obstacles etc. Some assets were almost animated directly in Unity (UI screens and popups).

Below several in-game screenshots are displayed:

Sheep Fight game part production
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