Our team handled the entire visual part creation and NFT assets design for the blockchain mobile-based game.

Blockchain mobile-based game NFT Islands
NFT assets design for NFT Islands Game

NFT Islands is a huge and multifaceted universe of the future, in which various animal-like races of creatures exist and compete with each other. The world of the game has a lot of opportunities for development, exploration, conquest and competition. Players first interact with in-game creatures, then begin to interact with each other.

Our team created the entire visual component of the game. Graphics assets included: characters, buildings, weapons, minerals, maps, locations, other illustrations and icons. We also designed the game UX and created a unique graphic style for the game UI, which has more than 100 screens and pop-ups.

In addition, through the joint efforts of art and the technical departments, we created a collection of 10+ thousands of unique NFT assets of game characters.

Firstly, the graphics design team created a huge amount of various character part sets. Then, the assets were mixed using the customly developed tool to generate unique combinations and produce fully unique characters.

Characters design for Blockchain Game NFT Islands
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