2D animation

Fgfactory Artists designing 2d effects and animation for gaming projects, commercials and non-gaming projects using the cutting-edge tools combined with talent, experience, skills gained through the years of development. We are able to cover any level of project complexity with an ability to cater for various graphics styles.

2d animation and 2d effects design for gaming projects

The process of developing 2D graphics for a game includes a close cooperation of 2D artists and 2D animators in order to liven up the game assets. Often a request for the design and animation of game assets is a single project and our team covers a full range of tasks including concept art development, final rendering, rig, asset animation and game VFX.

We carefully plan and allocate staff for design, animation and programming, allowing for the selection of the right approach and tools before the project starts.

2d character animation for games starts

Our animators collaborate with in-house game development department or with developers directly provided by the client; this allows us to ensure the final 2d assets are correctly prepared, optimized and fit for purpose.

On the grounds of the initial technical and visual requirements we animate with Spine, Unity or After Effects. Some specific tasks require the usage of various tools on different stages of the process, such as using Spine for character 2d animation creation, then it is packed with Unity to provide assets for developers in the right format. This process can also be initiated with performing 2d character animation in After Effects, then packaging it in Unity for further implementation.

2d character animation in After Effects


We utilize the most advanced software tools that are carefully selected at the planning stage to based on the game engine, technical limits and client requests. Based on the initial stage of the research and discussions we look for the right option, tools and technologies to perform for in-game animation. Depending on the project needs we offer Spine, Unity or After Effects.


Animators at Fgfactory work on various game projects where Spine animation design is used as the main technology. Powerful tools give an ability to create highly detailed Spine animation. Furthermore they help with game assets optimization a lot. This is very useful for games with a huge number of 2d animated assets.


It is preferably to make animation and programming using the same technology. We use Unity technology for designing environments, characters and UI. Further we work hand by hand with developers for better assets integration in the engine.


Employing a wide range of powerful tools available in AE software, we can create After Effects animation for assets that move and look alive in the game. We also design various particle effects for gameplay actions, user interface screens and in-game popups.

Other tools

We also are capable of working with the less common 2d animation designing software and technologies like Cocos Studio, Particle Designer. Certain projects and tasks often require us to use a mix of technologies.

At the client’s request

We are also ready to switch final 2d assets from one technology to another. E.g. After Effects animation design can be recreated on Spine or Cocos Studio to reach the highest assets optimization level.