The savings account with cash and crypto rewards that is based on short games you play to win real money.

Long Game application development

Fgfactory designed and developed a number of mini games and lotteries for Long Game application. All games are cross-platform and can be played both web and mobile.

Technical side

Mobile application, built with React Native for both iOS and Android platforms, that allows users to manage their savings accounts.

This application includes mini-games with different mechanics (bingo, racer, trivia, scratcher, roshambo, plinko, flip it, slots, spin the wheel, etc.). All the games are built with 2D WebGL rendering library - PixiJS, and launched inside the mobile application with a web view component. Each game is presented in several graphic themes with different characters. All the characters are Spine skeleton animations, rendered in the game with Pixi Spine library.

Mobile application communicates with JS game using web view messages. Basic user’s data (id, registration token) is passed into the game with such a message. The other game parameters (such as game price, prize levels, player's account data, predetermined game results, etc.) are requested from the server-side with AJAX calls.

Long Game cross-platform application design
Technology stack
  • PixiJS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • HTML5
  • React Native
  • GSAP
  • Laravel API
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Spine, After Effects
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