Fgfactory offers a remote team of design, technical and management specialists for creating augment-reality-enabled desktop and mobile solutions. On the grounds of the purpose and technical requirements, AR solution can be developed to extend an existing game or it can be designed, built and released as a standalone product.

Creating augment-reality-enabled desktop and mobile solutions

Actually, augmented reality game development process follows the same approach and technologies as a usual game building. When it comes to AR implementation, augmented reality module is implemented using different add-ons on the grounds of the engine used for the actual game development.

For in-house AR development we utilise Unity 3D engine or native iOS technologies. Both methods support augmented reality game development technology and offer both similar functionality for programmers and similar opportunities for end users. Based on the project plan, list of features and functional requirements we will offer the best solution for each client.

AR development using Unity 3D engine or native iOS technologies

As an A to Z game and app production team, we offer art production services for AR games that require 3d visuals and their optimization for the game engine and device limits. Creative specialists at mobile game development company work closely with the department or coders responsible for the game core, ensuring that the assets for the AR game development are optimized and prepared in a right way for further implementation.

Fgfactory provides the development services for Unity 3d with augmented reality mode for various game mechanics such as: talking games, hidden objects, tower defense, shooters, building, racing and other games.

AR game development by Fgfactory team


It is obvious that AR solutions are currently being developed and in the coming years we will see more improvements and beginnings, since the largest market players such as Apple and Google supported the technology by releasing their services and devices with augmented reality solutions. It indicates that in the coming years the AR will receive more powerful features and opportunities. To ensure your business benefits from its growth, we recommend to create augmented reality app or game today.


There are no limits when it comes to a type of gameplay mechanics developed with the AR tools. Latest devices and AR solutions allow vendors to release powerful games with high quality graphics, with both offline and online gameplay. Augmented reality mobile app development allows putting 3d graphics into the world through a camera of a phone or tablet, making the gameplay even more interesting.

Solutions for business

Augmented reality business development solutions can be put into phone and tablet applications with the purpose of visualization. On an equal basis with games, augmented reality application development enables to integrate 3d graphics into the real world.

Potential platforms and costs

Using cross-platform game engines such as Unity, Fgfactory performs augmented reality development for iOS, Android and other platforms. This usually leads to a decrease of AR development cost and makes our development procedure more seamless.