What is casual graphics style in games? It is when it looks fresh, eye catching and is suitable for a wide audience of users.

Casual game graphics

We believe that delivering a WOW effect for the end user is definitely a must during each casual game design. During the initial stage of mobile game graphics design, we discover and analyze what mobile users like, and then we create the mixture of colors, shapes, light and motion to ensure that the right results are delivered. We follow this approach when creating 2d game assets for mobile and desktop casual games, promo assets and motion 2d graphics.

Building a game checklist
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Building a game checklist

Step of casual design

If you require an exclusive mobile game graphics design services, we are able to offer the right staff and make specific project research based mobile experience, trends and target platform. If you require non-mobile computer game graphics design services, a research will be conducted focusing on desktop, different audience and user experience.


At the research step we perform target audience analysis by gathering data about your target platforms, users, gender, age and other parameters of end users that will affect the style. This is what should be clarified during the initial milestone of video game graphics design work.

We focus on 100% meeting of client expectations from our work. That’s why we do make concept art even for small tasks. It makes the process more efficient for both parties and gives clear understanding of the whole picture at the very beginning of the project

We love creating 2d game assets in casual graphics style. In the end they look beautiful and eye catching which motivates us to create something new once again. Please refer to our portfolio of casual game designs to find out more.

Based on the game mechanics and technical features it may be beneficial to deliver 3d games assets. In this case we perform 3d visualization at once, immediately after the concept art is finalized and completed. Please refer to 3d Assets for more details.

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