We develope “tap to play” games with simple mechanics and instant gameplay for mobile, web and desktop platforms.

Game that pull in

We build hyper casual games for clients based on their mechanics requirements and market trends. For hyper casual gaming style the most important thing is to pull a user in the gameplay instantly. For such methods of involving users into the game, it is extremely important to have a minimum entry threshold, a simple start, and gradually learn to use game mechanics, which should be extremely easy. If a user is passionate and continues to receive constantly new portions of a game content, he will return to your game.

Process overview

The usual process of creating a hyper-casual game takes from 100 to 200 hours and can be divided into the following steps.

Mechanics analysis

We created various hyper-casual mechanics and worked with a large number of ready-made mechanics. When designing new mechanics, it is necessary to immediately take into account the factors of involvement, simplicity of gameplay, competition, playing against real opponents and AI and much more.

Depending on the complexity of the game mechanics, the use of a 2D or 3D environment, physics, the player’s interaction with AI, the environment, objects or other real players, an average prototype takes from 40 to 100 hours to develop. As a result, we have working mechanics without beautiful graphics and effects, but a playable version for initial testing.

On a playable prototype we add visual graphics, effects, user interface, animations and other visual details. In addition, gameplay mechanics is finalized, additional functionality and SDKs are added to connect another functionality for social activities and sharing, advertising, analytics, notifications etc.

If the game needs to lay balances in levels, increasing the complexity of game progress and AI, we use our game design resources to create, debug and add game balances.

We are prepare a hyper casual game for the release including promotional materials, banners and promotional videos design Next, we upload the game in mobile markets or on dashboards to publishers. In case of need for further support, development of updates and additions, we continue to work with the product. In addition, we provide a free of charge bug fix period after the release.

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