iOS game development

Fgfactory provides iOS game development services to create 2d and 3d games for developers, publishers and enterprises by using Unity technologies to reduce game designing costs and turnaround times.

2d and 3d iOS (iPhone, iPad) games development

We provide iOS games development services for various mechanics including but not limited to: match 3, puzzle, endless runner, arcade, racing, tower defense, time management etc and for specific purposes like education, brand promotion, gambling and others. Subject to your requirements, technical features and budget a game can be developed with 3d or 2d graphics.

Major physics is required for iOS games designing, as well as 3d assets for game environments, characters, props and logic of their interaction. Although 3d games allow end user to receive wider gaming capabilities and experience, building 3d game is usually more complex and expensive process then working with 2d.

iOS 2d game development is usually used for games with fixed camera and point of view. In this case, developers have to build physics and logic using 2d sprites. Usually when working with 2d games, our design team prepares assets in Spine or Unity to ensure 100% game engine compatibility.

Game development for iOS devices

Having game development team, technical management and QA all in-house, mobile game development company Fgfactory offers continuous delivery of technical solutions without delegating it to the third parties.

However, should there be a need to integrate and collaborate with your team, we are able to become a part of your iOS game creation pipeline in a seamless way. Our developers will definitely strengthen your technical department to build games and fill all the gaps that you had before.

We offer you a dedicated team of specialists, ranging from one developer to a complete department of up to 20 people including but not limited to prototype, iOS development, architecture and management specialists. You will have the full control over your process, managing team members and iOS game development cost.

iOS game development using Unity

Game development process

From iPhone and iPad to Apple Watch, we provide iOS game development services to clients worldwide. The process in our company is based on 3 key stages.


On this stage we perform iOS game development using Unity to discover the game, limits of the mechanics that are subject to limits on different platforms and devices. We may also suggest to explicitly limit and orient your game to a specific platform or device, for example, for iPhone only. In this case, game creation process will exclude other devices and focus on a specific one. Any time later we will be able to expand the functionality, GUI and controls for other devices.


At Fgfactory the process of game development for iOS is based on main Agile principles, methodologies, tools and best practices of the industry. It has been proven successfully by many years of iOS game programming on Unity and released projects.


The project is delivered to the game market, events or directly to customers’ iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch devices. Fgfactory also provides cloud hosting, maintenance, monitoring and technical support to each project.