Fgfactory handled the full cycle of the chess-themed casual game production and release for iOS and Android.

Checkmate or Die - Chess-themed Game

Checkmate or Die is a casual game with educational aspect where users should solve chess-based puzzles to complete levels, collect coins and XP, and pass through the game story. The customization functionality allows to change the chess board, pieces and your character. The game map shows the progress through the entire story and the leaderboard displays top results of best players and their XP.

Our team worked on the game production from scratch to release. We completed all stages starting from the pre-production and prototyping, to production including design, development and QA, and release support. The game was successfully completed and release for iOS and Android phones and tablet devices.

About the game

The fun thing about the game is that players are placed in a post-apocalyptic world, running from the zombies who are, curiously enough, the world's top chess players and grandmasters.

The gameplay mechanics revolve around solving chess puzzles in a fast-pace running mode. Each time players meet a puzzle they have only a few seconds to solve it. Failing to solve the puzzle in time will lead to be caught and eaten by zombies. However solving puzzles makes the players to run faster, allowing them to make more distance between them themselves and running zombies. It's a crazy and adrenaline-filled race to the bottom, testing both the chess skills and reactions of the players, as well as their nerves.

Checkmate or Die - chess puzzles solving gameplay
Technology stack
  • Unity, C#
  • Firebase Database, Authentication
  • Spine
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