Our team took part in the co-development for the mobile match-3 game where we implemented new levels and game mechanics.

Jelly Jellies is a mobile match 3 game co-development

Jelly Jellies is a mobile match 3 game with hundreds of levels, various game mechanics besides the core match 3 game and a long list of features. Our team took part in the co-development and we implemented new packs of levels, new side mechanics, optimized the existing code and stabilized front end and back end synchronization logic.

Technical side

* Levels updates from the JSON file;
* Levels QA;
* Level editor updates and fixes;
* Localization updates and small help with russian translation;
* Optimization of visual and animation assets. Adding 3D effects in the game;
* Player's profile data saving - optimization and QA. For cases a) when player saves data into Facebook account and want to play the game with the same account on another device or b) game updates and data saving of old users;
* UI fixes and optimizations of graphics assets;
* Facebook SDK updates and multiplayer mode fixes;
* Notifications fixes;
* General bugfix;
* Manual QA.

Technology stack
  • Unity, C#
  • Firebase
  • Social SDK
  • JSON
  • Notifications
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