We are your one stop shop for mobile game design, 2d illustration, 3d assets, animation and mobile game UI design. Our team will create addictive game design catered to your style references and business requirements.

Game design, 2d illustration, user interface, 3d assets or animation

Having 2d, 3d, technical artists and animators, UI and UX designers all in-house, our game design company offers continuous delivery of creative solutions without delegating it to the third parties.

Designing Video games

However, should there be a need to integrate and cooperate with your team; we are capable of becoming a part of your mobile game app design pipeline in a seamless way.

Our professionals will definitely strengthen your art department to design mobile games to fill all the gaps that you had before. We offer you a dedicated team of professionals ranging from one specialist to a complete department of up to 20 people including but not limited to design, animation, technical and management specialists. You will have the full control over your team, managing team members as employees of your company.

Game design creative solutions


Quality is our top priority for each project we are involved in. While designing mobile and video games we understand the needs of our clients and combine them with the top skillset of our team members. When we create design for the games we think broadly and present the final product comprising multiple components that fit together. We know how to combine illustration, animation and user interface in the right way.

There is huge amount of addictive games for iPhone, Android and games for other platforms. We are able to improve the “addictiveness” of your games by implementing the top quality graphics in the game designing for the game mechanics. How it works:


Mobile game design for puzzle games should always be appealing and be full of motion effects. It has to be cute and colorful, ensuring players never get bored. In addition to the gameplay, attention must also be paid to social aspect, business model and player engagement.


Arcade games are cool and easy to play. Ensure that design for such games is fresh and full of motion. Also it’s good to create a story behind the arcade game that can be designed as a comic book.

Tower defence

We perform Unity game design and development for tower defense games. Usually they are full of mobs, game environments, locations and player customization.

Educational games

Game designing process for every educational game is a challenge. There is always a mix of educational and gaming experience that co-exists in the right proportion.

Brand promotion

We design mobile games for products and brands promotion. These games are focused on product placement through popular game mechanics, social interaction between players and premium game content. We know how it works and can definitely help your business to advertise via mobile games.


Our graphics team also does mobile game design and development for slot machines, bingo, poker and other gambling products for mobile. For desktop projects we also provide computer game design services. It is a huge market and we know how to stand out there.


UX / UI designers at Fgfactory provide only the best user experience services and interface design for games

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We make our games alive by animating characters, environments, objects and effects in Unity, Spine or Affter Effects.

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If you are looking for realistic or cartoon character animation, then we are ready to provide you with animated in-game 3d assets.

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