Mobile Game Development

The technological innovation shown through the 21st century and advances in mobile gaming has seen 2017 mobile games revenue worldwide at a staggering $40.6 billion. With an estimated 2.5 billion smartphone users forecast by 2019 this figure is only going to grow. Compounded by the forecast increase to the VR and AR markets to be in the region of $143 billion by 2020, professional games development is more important than ever. You may have a great idea for the next phenomenon but don’t quite have the technical expertise and a competent outsource company to create your game.

Here at Fgfactory we provide professional mobile game development services across iOS, Android and both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) fields.

Technologies that we use

Using our expertise to provide game creation across multi platforms we use an array of high quality and proven technologies, these can be seen below:

Game Development Technologies used by Fgfactory

Outsourcing mobile game development

Located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, a short flight from most European capitals, Fgfactory’s highly capable and skilled technical team are all employed in-house, we do not contract out, thus ensuring we maintain full control of the process and can provide technical management, monitor quality assurance and provide continuous improvement.

We understand the outsourcing mobile game creation process and can be fully embedded into your team to work collaboratively and impart the knowledge and skills required to ensure the front-end development of your mobile game is exactly as you require.

Game Components

When developing a project, Fgfactory understands the whole mobile game creation process across different platforms.

Components used in Game development

When outsourcing to Fgfactory you are able to access a multitude of specialists, from a single developer to an entirely dedicated team. You are always in control of your project, through the prototyping, technical development, architecture specifications and project management. Throughout the whole process you are able to manage your team of up to 20 members and all of the game creation costs for your project.

What we Implement besides gameplay

Clearly there is more to just the front end of your development, the complexity of your application back end is also vitally important. Fgfactory implements mobile game creation in Unity which makes your project stand out and encompass all of your requirements. Providing the whole package through core mechanics, monetisation, returning customer base and social interaction we obtain the equilibrium that gives a quality final product.

What Fgfactory implements besides Core Gameplay during game development process


Using an array of prominent game mechanics such as Arcade, Tower Defence, Match 3 and Puzzle to create game. With these services we are able to serve different markets. Our developers produce products for gambling, education and brand promotion as well as others. This is achieved specifically as below:


By captivating and drawing users in through colourful and alluring mechanics, we ensure players return repeatedly to puzzles. In addition to the professional game development we understand the interaction and dynamics required for social interaction, player engagement and ultimately your business model.


Whether you are looking to promote a retro arcade game to bring back memories or you have the idea for the next craze, arcade games should be user-friendly and have intuitive mechanics. They should also be easy to play and chic. Our ability to work across platforms, particularly with iOS and Android allows our Arcade design to reach much wider audiences, increasing your sales.

Tower defence

A game which is very much at the forefront of social interaction, tower defense involves customisation of a variety of aspects, typically player customisation, mobs, locations and the environments. To balance these requirements we perform Unity game development.

Educational games

Obtaining the right balance between game play and education is important. Fgfactory utilises its expertise in Unity development to get the crucial correlation that is required. This proportion ensures user satisfaction.

Brand promotion

Brand promotion is important, you need your business name out there and associated with your product. Through mobile game creation using Unity we are able to place and advertise products within game content and mechanics as well as the player’s social interaction. We understand this important dynamic and our expertise can implement it for your business.


An estimated 1.6 billion people gamble on their smartphones each year. Fgfactory’s team of developers are able to produce high quality poker, bingo, slot machines and other gambling applications. Fgfactory’s ability to implement mobile game creation cross platform enables your gambling application to reach a far wider audience, maximising sales.


We create iOS games for developers, publishers and enterprises for specific purposes like education and promotion.

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We create Android games for developers, publishers and enterprises for specific purposes like education and promotion.

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Using iOS native and Unity technologies we develop AR solutions for games and gaming applications.

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Our development team builds applications and games for VR devices like HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

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