Fgfactory team handled the full-cycle game production including design, animation, Unity development and release support.

Sangrama - Android mobile phone-based game development

Sangrama is an Android mobile phone-based serious educational game designed to teach adolescents about sexual and reproductive health. The game is centered around the idea of attacking a fort, where players can access different weapons if they answer questions correctly.

Our team was responsible for building the game from scratch. The production process started with the concept art and gameplay prototyping. Further stages included graphics design and animation of the game characters and environments, UI design and graphics assets integration into the Unity engine. Our technical team developed the core gameplay and further additional functionality including the leaderboard and quiz system.

The final product was prepared for publishing on Android Play Market and released for Android mobile devices.

Sangrama: core gameplay development and further additional functionality
Technology stack
  • Unity, C#
  • Spine animations
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